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Less Than Symbol Alligator

Less Than Symbol Alligator. The crocodile or the alligator method is a. This is method is helpful when the order of numbers starts to be flipped around.

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Imagine the symbol as a hungry alligator. Greater than symbol is written as ‘>’ and less than symbol is represented as ‘<‘. Even in terms of writing the equations, we use equal to sign.

There Are Many Other Symbols Like These, With Proper Practice Students Can Learn About This Easily.

Here is an easy trick to guide your child though it. I was good to go! The “l” (on my fingers) is tied to the l in less than, and then i know the other one is greater than.

This Is Method Is Helpful When The Order Of Numbers Starts To Be Flipped Around.

Included are two adorable alligator printables that represent these symbols for kids to use to solve some math problems. In order to remember the symbols with ease, the alligator analogy is widely used. The number gators are hungry!

The Symbol Used To Represent The Less Than Inequality Is “ < “.

This greater than less than alligator math game includes a mat to place the numbers on, it has a center square to add the greater than, less than or equal sign in the center.

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