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Comparative Adjective Of Shocking

Comparative Adjective Of Shocking. Shocking (comparative more shocking, superlative most shocking) inspiring shock; You could then say most shocking.

List of Words Ending in ING and ED in English ESLBuzz
List of Words Ending in ING and ED in English ESLBuzz from www.eslbuzz.com

6) the traffic is worse than yesterday. (superlative) she’s a better writer than he is. 7) this novel is thicker than that one.

6) The Traffic Is Worse Than Yesterday.

Definition of shocking adjective in oxford advanced learner's dictionary. The tiger is a strong animal. Tallest, loveliest, brightest, most behaved, most liked, most shocking, least improved, least creative.

2) He Is Smarter Than His Sister.

Making you feel shocked or appalled. (comparative) she’s the best writer i know. Shocking, more shocking, most shocking.

20 Comparative Adjectives Examples 1) She Is Prettier Than Sajal And Sara.

I’m more bored to watch tv than read books. Ram is a good boy. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

8) Boston Is Colder Than Miami.

You could say greatest shock, or strongest shock. Adjectives for shocking include shockable, shocked, shocking, shockless, shocklike and shockt. (comparative) the new computer is the fastest one i’ve ever seen.

Boring & Bored, Tiring & Tired, Interesting & Interested, Relaxing & Relaxed, Shocking & Shocked.

Many adjectives can be used in both the comparative and superlative forms, depending on what you are comparing. The new computer is faster than the old one. If something is shocking, it is unusually obscene or lewd.

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