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extremes. Colour of chloroma. — Except that the green hue is neither
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lected, in spite of the fact that the general treatment
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sensibly felt, and we think that the effort here made by Professor MUnz, to
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element of uncertainty in the diagnosis, and instances of spasm must
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(by means of a soft sponge after ablution, morning and evening)
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tion begins to spread out from them ; others disappear, except that a pale
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cordial region, which is due to a derangement of the stomach,
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heading, a soup made of the tissues of an animal which has
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the pulmonary artery we will present the following observation from
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menstruation, the author has carried still further the views of those who regard
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sation of symptoms, and doubtless many cases present-
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The total number of our ' ' first ' ' admissions during
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however, has a section to itself, but hysteria is scat-
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pia in which the far point is behind the mirror, the
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between persons temperamentally adapted. It is, therefore, unfortunate
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and no more potent cause of this can exist than strange or
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Room Chairman; Jaffar Khan and Claude Lockhart, Parking Committee; Collins Coon, Student Lounge
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for many centuries, at least more than twenty, and during the last
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chemical processes of digestion. In order to understand the mechanism
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troubles are common. In addition, the resistance to infectious diseases is lowered
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or other kinds, and uses some incantations to assist their operation. One
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of a total of 51 cases notified. 16 were of phthisis, 16 of scarlet
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abdominal region, vomiting, and elevation of temperature; pain.
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it usually accompanied by larger or smaller quanti-
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soap and the nail brush. No hand was allowed in the
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the world, while many a little hamlet in this Commonwealth
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J. M. Elder, M.D. I was ver}^ much interested in tliese anatomical
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due deference to the opinions of those from whom I have ventured to
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sent him south to convalesce, where he remained several months. While
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possible by ligatnre ; increase the size of the open wound ; suck out with
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weight of the green bark is wasted in drying. The Indians are usually
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The increase in the arterial pressure, noted in neurasthenics with
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you to secure sharp details even in the thick parts of
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Direct heredity does not appear to have been traced, except in rare in-
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somewhat comparable to the connective tissue stroma of the
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ing, low pressure steam heat, electric light, fire protection, and an abundance of pure water. Special