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she had on the chin. All these visions, however, it
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of consciousness and paralysis of the right side, from which again recovery
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these with the dressed-out specimens of modern women,
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womb seems usually to have much to do with it. The con-
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blowing of the nose I obtained some pus, but more thick
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No. 4, Compact, is like No. 3, with the addition of a second needle, carried upon the syringe in
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eight hours. Had it not been for this unfortunate state of the infant,
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Sheps, S.B., £ind G.D. Evans: Epidemiology of injuries: A 2-year experience
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mixtures in the extraction of foreign bodies from the ear.
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is probable that the impulse, greatly intensified by the
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tion of affairs that had been quite foreign to her. She
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a brother slain; but it presents the dimensions of a fiend incarnate,
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phalon may thus arise. Moreover, where the mind has been over-
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third and fourth injections of the drug the animal became progressively more
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An 18-year-old male was brought to the emergency room
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We have then a microorganism which is considered by many to be
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Association, 14th ultimo, discusses the features legal and psychological
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In September, according to the reports of the Suigeons, the 7th
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ished girl, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weight, 115 pounds, with a left paraplegia. There
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the latest patterns of bicycles we see wherein true scientific phys-
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as this surface is often somewhat oval, it may rest on the most
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immediately afler the water to be tested had issued from the ground.
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on the subject under treatment. The power of condensation possess-
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generation from the original case) 24 hours old, which had developed in
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In considering the obstetrical operations the author describes an
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the heart, when dui'ing each pulsation a wounded artery spurted blood
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strictly speaking, the laws of function may be mathematically inaccu-
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the longitudinal ligatures thus forme<l are kept in jxysition by one or
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In quite a number of houses in which pneumonia occurred in this
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most interesting presentation of the subject and was greatly appreciated