Prednisone Vs Methylprednisolone Dose

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Controlled protein and our low energy metathesis of Bo hydroxyl water and salt metabolism. eosin-lymphopenia nucleus, growing blood glucose, liver glycogen and nitrogen waste. Glucocorticoid is subaline antiallergic, irreparable, anti-inflammatory, anti-malignant, toxic, antishock. Inflammatory Effects of arachidonic acid due to metabolism, Press inflammation ဆာင္ ရြက္ Q. သူမ် ႏ communication. effects of immune suppression. Symptom of the system of use: seeds are diseases (systemic sperm, dermatomyositis and polymyositis, systemic vascular, color); acute rheumatic heart disease, leafy heart disease, leaflets, acute kidney failure, adrenogenital disorders, diseases, acute and chronic allergic diseases (allergic drugs, seropositive diseases, lupus liver and Angioedema); liver calm, relieve kidney, autoimmune diseases; Combine organisms and blood (agranulocytosis, various forms of cancer, ophthalmology of Thrombocytopenia, anemia), skin disease (pemphigus caterpillar snow, exfoliative cancer, Lyell disease); digestive keratitis, iritis, iridocyclitis, uveitis choroiditis, symptoms: acute rheumatism, chorea, asthma, kidney. Size and Management: perorally or without food. So (for immediate remedies burn burns) 5-10 mg / day to reduce the maintenance dose, 20-40 mg / day. Treatment should only be stopped gradually lower dose. adults Ωဳ -0,015 g, daily -0.1 g: The maximum list of doses. The duration of the disease, its serious and drug visual effects will be affected by the environment.