Our Vision

Because of the great availability of information, many journalists and news organisations often have to deliver fast and compact news. This does not have to be an undesirable development. Yet, we are convinced there is more to tell. We believe in the strength of personal stories of everyday people. We are convinced these stories can contribute to the way we make interpretations of the news or things that happen around us. In our country, city, neighborhood or street. What are the stories behind the people you see on television or pass by you on the sidewalk? What motivates them and what moves them? This way of very personal storytelling gives the reader the opportunity to understand and to get to a person, theme, group, city or movement, thanks to its first hand character.

Our Mission

We want to make a contribution to today’s media landscape. That’s why we founded Faces Of Productions. We seek authenticity for our readers and of course, for ourselves. We want to look beyond news and politics. Because we are not bound to an office or big team, we can take the time and freedom to tell the stories that we find worthwhile telling. Small or big, newsy or old. We want to reinvent journalism, by bringing personal stories closer to an audiences. We innovate storytelling by focusing on people and their unique stories and believe the internet and social media bring many opportunities to do so – which can be seen in Faces of Berlin. Our strengths lie in our awareness of contemporary culture, our authentic approach and the diversity of our professional talents.

If you want to know more about what Faces Of-Productions can do for your NGO or socially responsible business, please contact us.  

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