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Estrace with estrogen feminizing physical impairment, vaginal enhancement, cervical mucous membrane, stroma, and milk glands, nipple and reproductive color, secondly to the qualities of female sexual characteristics (fat, oil, allocation, etc.). ), economic growth and closure of epiphyses bones. The Estrace Estrace repeatedly refuses the bleeding site causing the kidney area in the upper urine, suspending resorption and enhancing the word for fibrinogen. Higher blood pressure is thyroxine, iron, brass, etc. Promoter increases blood pressure, reduces liver in Avv of vitamin K-dependent clots (II, VII, IX, and X), antithrombin III. Prerequisites: deficiency of estrogen during menstrual periods after female developmental sex workers, ovariotomy, chronic ohins, alopecia infected by hyperandrogenemia, hirsutism cases, polycystic ovary syndrome, cervical mucous membranes, and low levels of emegteis cirrhosis, bleeding, , emegteis postcoital contraception looga prevent migraine, and osteoporosis, and premenopausal time, eregteis, emegteis metastases of breast cancer (palliative treatment), prostate carcinoma (palliative care). Estimation and management: Estrace in the mouth without khat, has a small dose of rest after 2 mg per day for seven days and 21 days after the treatment has begun. The treatment period is up to 6 months. Women are removed from the uterus or postmenopausal women, as long as the treatment can begin. During the menstrual cycle, preservatives are normal, accept the amount of the first day of tablet 5 (1 day round = 1 month day).