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We order medicines, such as Estrace Online Pharmacy, which offer provisions for writing or selling non-disposable drugs.Estrace is an estrogenic drug that has a feminizing effect on the body, stimulates the need of the vagina, uterus, ovary, stroma of the mammary gland and ducts, nipples and pigmentation in the abdomen, the formation of a second female genital womb (fat distribution, etc); growth and end of epiphysis long legs. Estrace contributes to the usual rejection of endometrial haemorrhage, causes endometrial hyperplasia high concentrations, inhibits bone resorption, induces the synthesis of fibrinogen. Increase the blood concentrations of tyroxin, iron, copper, etc .; has procoagulant effect on blood, increases the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent conglomerate factors (2, 7, 9, 10) in the liver, decreases the amount of antithrombin 3. The evidence of using its estrogen deficiency at the time of menopause and after gynecological surgery, OVARIOTOMI , girls, puberty delay, alopecia of provocation of hyperandrogenemia in a case of polycystic ovary syndrome, hirsutism, uterine inertia, the first mulieress the biliary cirrhosis, uterine bleeding, postcoital contraceptives, mulieress prevent migraines and osteoporosis in premenopausal times men and mulieress breast cancer with metastasis (palliative treatment), prostate cancer (palliative treatment). Dosage and administration: Estrace is given orally without chewing with a small amount of water, as the weight of 2 milligrams per day of 21 days, then a break for the following 7 days, and after treatment is on it again. Processing time reached up to 6 months. Women with a womb are removed or women postmenopausal, possible treatment every day. When the normalized menstrual cycle and received reception aboard cyclums 5 (1 menstrual cycle time = 1 day) begins.