“Nobody ever said no to Efterklang!” Katinka Fogh Vindelev

"I really have a physical and mental need to color music myself." Katinka Fogh Vindelev

For almost a year now Katinka has been living out of a suitcase. Ever since Efterklang asked her to be part of their live band, her life has been a rollercoaster. She moved to Berlin, did intense Efterklang touring and worked on solo projects. But this classical trained singer is not complaining: “Even though it’s crazy sometimes, I feel like I’m returning to something. I have a totally different mindset than a year ago. Iv’e started a new journey.”

Katinka Fogh Vindelev (28) is the only ‘girl’ member of the band Efterklang: an experimental Danish band based in Berlin. It consists of three childhood friends: Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg. They discovered Katinka four years ago on the social network Myspace. When they asked her to be part of their band Katinka declined: “I was really honoured – everyone in Denmark knows Efterklang – but I just got accepted to conservatory and really needed to focus on that.” The members of Efterklang were surprised: “Nobody ever said no to Efterklang!”

Dreams coming true
When Efterklang launched their newest album ‘Piramida’ in September 2012, they tried again. This time with more luck. As they kicked off with an unique concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Sydney Opera House, they knew Katinka – with her classical sound – had to be part of it. Katinka explains: “I was actually not completely done with my exams yet. After the shows in Sydney I had to fly straight back to Kopenhagen – while all the others went on holidays in Australia. But, yes, of course I couldn’t refuse a second time.”

Joining Efterklang could not have been a better choice: “I really do feel that if I should be part of a band, it should be Efterklang. They have a mix of a symphonic, indie, pop and rock sound. They’re so ambitious and really think outside the box. And I really like that they do these crazy projects, like playing at the Sydney Opera House.They make dreams come true.”

Extreme sport
The fact that Efterklang does things differently, really appeals to Katinka. “I’ve always had a mixed approach to music, genre didn’t really matter to me.” Brought up in a musical family in the countryside of Denmark, it was only until her twenties when she decided to actually apply for conservatory in Kopenhagen. “My parents told me that I was already singing opera when I was three, but where i’m from everyone does sports in school, so I did sports too. Music was something you did together, in a forest,  around a campfire. I didn’t have a direction yet. It came later.”

Classical school was tough and intense, “but what I loved about the classical world is that people really pay attention and have respect for music. I was attracted to the classical sound, it’s extraordinary and beautiful. And it’s so difficult. I thought, wow, this is extreme sport, I want to learn this!”

Ugly beats
During the many hours on the road with Efterklang, Katinka found some the time to reflect. “What I found difficult with the classical world is that perfection is the main goal. But sometimes perfect can be boring. I like noise and beats and I like when things are ugly. I need the contrast. I want to be able to add personal things and not only reproduce what is written already. I really have a physical and mental need to color it myself.”

Efterklang inspired Katinka to develop this side of herself. Not only musically, but also personally. “It has been quite interesting to be the only girl touring with boys. I never really liked to be part of groups, not even girl groups. But there is actually a lot of freedom in it. The guys are not always interested in long stories. It creates privacy. Of course they care, but they’re not as emotional. Sometimes I wish I was one of them, it seems fun. They have a easiness that I really like.”

Fresh breath of air
It were the guys of Efterklang that brought Katinka to Berlin, the city that most of them call their home. She stays with different friends and moves from one house to another. She doesn’t have her own place, only a suitcase. “It was like a new beginning, a fresh breath of air. It is very inspiring for me to play it unsafe for a while.”

Katinka puts all this new inspiration into her solo projects. She is writing and composing her own project and designs for her own accessories label, INKA. And although she hasn’t really missed not having a home, Katinka is ready now to take it a bit more easy. She laughs: “It’s just really difficult to write an album while you’re living out of a suitcase.”

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